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Senior Leadership

The Provost Office is offering a series for Academic Leadership. Please click on the following link for more details: Academic Leadership Series.

Programs that senior academic administrators should know about:

Human Resources Series for Supervisors and Managers — Facilitated by campus HR professionals, these 14 half-day seminars review the university's HR policies and guiding principles.

The Complete Supervisor — Whether your title is manager, supervisor, or assistant-associate director, supervising people is for long distance runners and not for the faint of heart. Your job requires a myriad of knowledge and skills, including how to be a problem solver, mentor, teacher, decision maker, leader, empathetic listener, project manager, and coach to name a few.

Most of us weren't born excellent supervisors and managers, but we can learn the knowledge and skills to bring us to that level. That is what The Complete Supervisor program is all about.
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